An Adventure with Sleepy Sheep Ranch

It is always an adventure with Sleepy Sheep Ranch. Visitors from around the nation are impressed with the fun they have in the relaxing environment of Sleepy Sheep Ranch. The staff is beyond friendly, and they make it their priority to make certain you enjoy your time at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. Every visitor to the ranch is welcomed with open arms and saddled up.

It doesn’t matter if you have never been on a horse before because Sleepy Sheep Ranch will ensure you know the ropes and how to handle the horse before heading out on a trail ride. All the horses are very tame, and there are special horses reserved for beginners. The staff at Sleepy Sheep Ranch will pair you with a horse that matches your skill level. You will not leave the arena without being comfortable in your saddle.

The trail ride is relaxing and peaceful. You ride through twisted trees, past creeks and ponds and through open pastures. You can really connect with nature on these trails. Halfway through the ride, you enjoy a lunch or dinner in the relaxing atmosphere of a pond. You get your choice of meat and sides as well as fresh fruit and wine.

You can learn how the cowboys in the Wild West lived when you get a chance to herd Texas Longhorns. Guide them through the pastures and don’t let them get away from you! It’s all part of the City Slickers Round Up. People from around the world come to Sleepy Sheep Ranch to participate in the adventure.

So if you are in the mood for a relaxing and exciting adventure, then you need to visit Sleepy Sheep Ranch. It is a great time for anyone no matter what age or riding skills you have. It’s always an adventure at Sleepy Sheep Ranch.


Sleepy Sheep Ranch: Fun and Exciting Experience

For a fun and relaxing time in a safe and positive environment, you need to look no further than the Sleepy Sheep Ranch. The family-run farm is a place for people to escape the hectic life of the city and enjoy the beauty and quiet of the country life.

Trail rides at Sleepy Sheep Ranch are far different than the other rides in the area. Sleepy Sheep Ranch offers a relaxed atmosphere and stellar customer service. Each visitor is treated like family at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. You can ride through the trails in the more than 250 acres of wooded land either by yourself or with a tour guide. If you ride with a guide, Sleepy Sheep Ranch guarantees it will be a small, more intimate group, so you can better enjoy your comfortable and peaceful ride along trails lined with creeks and ponds. Sleepy Sheep Ranch first trained horses for people for a decade before offering trail rides. So you know Sleepy Sheep Ranch treats its horses with great care.

Another way to have fun at Sleepy Sheep Ranch is to join the upcoming and new overnight campouts. Campers will get a chance to enjoy the scenery and relax all night. Enjoy time around the campfire with friends and family as you enjoy a glass of wine and good conversation.

You can also swing by the country store on your way out and check out the all natural products made at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. There you can find all natural soy candles and all natural handmade soap. But the prize of the farm is the all natural lamb meats. Sleepy Sheep Ranch only produces the highest quality meats from sheep raised in the pastures there.

So if you need time away from your stressful life, you can relax and enjoy yourself at Sleepy Sheep Ranch.


Integrity Important to Sleepy Sheep Ranch

One thing the owner of Sleepy Sheep Ranch learned when moving from the city to the country was the importance of integrity. With the hustle and bustle of city life, people need contracts to seal a deal. But in the country it is different. All you need is a handshake. And Sleepy Sheep Ranch knows that when you shake someone’s hand, you better follow through on your promise.

Integrity has always been important for Sleepy Sheep Ranch. When it comes to its reputation, there is nothing more important to Sleepy Sheep Ranch than proving it is a place that promotes only the highest integrity. Sleepy Sheep Ranch knows without its integrity it has nothing. You can rest assured Sleepy Sheep Ranch is working hard, doing everything it can to provide the best for its customers. Sleepy Sheep Ranch wants to make sure it maintains its integrity and stands out above the rest.

One way Sleepy Sheep Ranch shows its integrity is the strong bond the ranch has with its customers. Being a family-run business, Sleepy Sheep Ranch strives to make every customer a part of the Sleepy Sheep Ranch family. The ranch does everything in its power to maintain a high level of trust with that family.  Sleepy Sheep Ranch works hard to provide a fun, trustworthy, and safe environment for each and every visitor. There are few places out there that can claim to have that kind of environment that brings people back time and again to Sleepy Sheep Ranch.

Sleepy Sheep Ranch is also very conscientious of its visitors. There is little Sleepy Sheep Ranch will not do to make sure everyone has a positive experience at the ranch. It also makes sure to produce the highest quality meat for its customers. Sleepy Sheep Ranch raises sheep in a natural way to make sure its lamb is not only high quality but nutritious as well. It is a commitment Sleepy Sheep Ranch is dedicated to making for years to come.


Sleepy Sheep Ranch Helps Therapeutic Riding Centers

Sleepy Sheep Ranch places a lot of importance on its neighbors and surrounding communities. That’s why the family-run farm is partnering with therapeutic riding centers to raise money. Contributions go to help improve the lives of the children who attend these centers. One thing that is very important to Sleepy Sheep Ranch is helping its fellow man.

Away from the city lights, you see the stars in the sky and neighbors nearby. Country life is friendly and everyone waves as they pass you by. That’s why Sleepy Sheep Ranch feels it is necessary to give back to the community. And what better way to do this than through therapeutic riding centers.

At these centers, children with disabilities and learning differences can improve their lives and their bodies by riding horses. It is a therapy for many kids who may not find enjoyment in other things. The way the horse naturally moves the rider is a way he or she would normally walk. This improves balance, posture and muscle control. Children at these centers gain some much needed self confidence that they can take back into their worlds.

Sleepy Sheep Ranch knows the importance of the equine assisted therapy which has helped thousands upon thousands of children worldwide. Many of the riders suffer from many different types of physical, cognitive, and emotional diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and spinal bifida. The relationship between the riders, their instructors, and their therapy horses is essential to making the lives of these children better.

So Sleepy Sheep Ranch decided the best way to help give back was to go with the heart of the owner who loves horses.  The farm has paired with several therapeutic riding centers and raised thousands of dollars that will help fund the equine therapy that so many children rely on.


Sleepy Sheep Ranch is a Family

One great thing about Sleepy Sheep Ranch is that it is a family-run business. With more than 250 acres of wooded trails, ponds and creeks, you will always feel part of that family at Sleepy Sheep Ranch.

Dave, the owner of Sleepy Sheep Ranch, was at one time a thriving real estate investor. He was born and raised in Plano and had an office in Las Colinas buying properties. So needless to say, Dave was not a country boy. Then one day after reading an article in Arabian Horse World, he decided to buy some horses. Soon after, a client called about a property for sale. Dave drove out there and fell in love with the ranch.

But it didn’t start there. After finding out he was overweight and had super high blood pressure, Dave decided to leave his stressful job and the city and head for a life at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. At the time all he had were horses but over more than a decade, he has brought many different kinds of animals to the farm. The most prominent are the Dorper Sheep which the family raises for lamb meat. There are also Texas Longhorns, Nubian Milk Goats, and Sussex Chickens, to name only a few.

Today, Dave is hosting trail rides across 250 acres of wooded land and serving up steak dinners. He does all that and raises the animals and sells all natural products. And lately he has been doing something different: a City Slicker Round Up. That’s where groups get a chance to herd Texas Longhorns across several pastures.

So at Sleepy Sheep Ranch you are not only getting a run of the mill ranch experience. You get that personal, more intimate family feel from the staff at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. Families from around the area and around the nation come to Sleepy Sheep Ranch for the family experience.


Sleepy Sheep Ranch Riding Lessons

If you are looking to hop on a horse for the first time or hone your riding skills, come to Sleepy Sheep Ranch for riding lessons. You are never too old or too out of shape to learn to ride a horse. And you don’t even have to own one to enjoy the animal!

Sleepy Sheep Ranch offers basic beginner riding lessons that the ranch tailors to the individual rider. Whether you are nine or 90, you can learn to ride and enjoy it. Sleepy Sheep Ranch knows everyone learns differently and not everyone is shooting for the show ring. So Sleepy Sheep Ranch will never push you out of your comfort zone on that horse. The staff at Sleepy Sheep Ranch teaches at a pace that is good for you.

For the novice rider, Sleepy Sheep Ranch has many beginner horses. The animals are friendly and good with new riders. The horses also love helping you learn to ride. Sleepy Sheep Ranch will work with you to find out what type of horseman or horsewoman you are and help you get off on the right foot. Many students go on to own their own horses, but others simply want the chance to spend time with the horses without having to bear the cost or responsibilities of owning one.

You have the opportunity to either enjoy the settings of the arena or head out on the wooded trails. Sleepy Sheep Ranch wants to make sure you learn how to not only enjoy horses but also how to be safe around them. Sleepy Sheep Ranch will help you on your journey to becoming a better rider in a safe environment.

So have fun while being safe on a horse at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. Lessons are an hour long and cost $60.


Sleepy Sheep Ranch Overnight Campouts

Tired of the same old boring campgrounds? Are you looking for more than just a place to sleep outdoors? Sleepy Sheep Ranch has the solution. The family-run farm will soon be offering overnight campouts! You can enjoy the Sleepy Sheep Ranch for more than just a few hours.

You will get the chance to go for trail rides and enjoy the animals at the Sleepy Sheep Ranch while getting a chance to stay the night. It’s a great way to bond with family and friends in a safe and fun environment. You don’t have to worry about anything because safety is a number one priority for Sleepy Sheep Ranch. Sleepy Sheep Ranch guarantees you will have a good time at one of its overnight campouts because there is so much to do in such a relaxing atmosphere.

Sleepy Sheep Ranch boasts more than 250 acres of land with wooded trails, creeks, and ponds. And you can have fun without having to own a horse! Take one of the horses owned by Sleepy Sheep Ranch and walk the trails, just getting back to nature. Then set up camp and have a nice dinner with friends and family at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. There is no better way to leave distractions behind and relax than spending an entire night at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. From great trails to great food to great people, you can’t go wrong with a campout at Sleepy Sheep Ranch.

So come join staff and friends by the campfire at Sleepy Sheep Ranch. It’s a great place to hang out, roast marshmallows, drink wine and simply have good conversation. The fun will start in October. Campouts at Sleepy Sheep Ranch will run through December. The cost per person is $200. Sleepy Sheep Ranch hopes to see you there this fall.